Getting Turkish Citizenship with Real Estate Investment

As a result of the published decisions in the Official Gazette dated 19.09.2018 and 07.12.2018, several regulations were resolved regarding the transition of foreign citizens to Turkish citizenship. According to the Presidential Decree No. 106, the foreign citizens who purchase a real estate in Turkey worth at least 250.000 USD or who promise to purchase the same through a deed endorsed by a notary, may become Turkish citizens

Application Form

The identification of the country of your current nationality (the passport, identity card, birth certificate, registration sample, etc.)

4 passport size photographs of each family member

4 passport size photographs of each family member

Residency permit registered on your passport or valid Tourist Visa

If married, original of the documents proving the identities and family ties of the spouse and children under the age of 18 (marriage certificate or marriage certificate, birth certificate),

If the spouse or relatives are citizens of Turkish Republic, photocopies of ID cards and residency addresses in Turkey

Payment receipt for the application

Valuation report

Receipt showing payment of 250.000 USD

If the purchased property is under construction or at the project stage; Notary endorsed property purchase commitment

Program Benefits

The Turkish Investor Program ofers a quick and straight forward route to acquire a second passport. Turkish Citizenship :

Strategic Geographic Location of Turkey

Perfectly situated surrounding Middle East, Central Asia, Mediterranean, Central Europe and Balkan cultural hub. Afordable investment options of just $ 250,000 for the whole family

Fast tracked citizenship

Passport granted in 60 days

Visa-free travel

121 countries worldwide including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea. Shortest route to UK as a Turkish citizen, relocate to the UK and establish your business as a Turkish business person.

  • Entire family is eligible including spouses, children under 18 years old and disabled children of any age.
  • No Residency Requirements

Prior to or after citizenship has been granted, the whole process can be obtained remotely.

  • No Wealth Declaration Required

Foreign assets and income don’t have to be declared

High Standard of Living

Free medical services, education & university reimbursement plans and pension programs.

Democratic & Safe Environment

Over 700,000 expats & 60,000 international companies is proof of business opportunities.

  • Dual Citizenship

Turkey allows for dual citizenship.

Potential Return on Investment

Rental income from acquired property / Interest income from government shares. Turkish Citizenship

  • Life Time Validity

Property acquired through investor program will be transferable to descendants